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In Their Honour

In Their Honour

In 1919, after WWI had ended, hundreds of thousands of Australian soldiers arrived home, only to face re-integrating into society. However, society lacked the resources and knowledge to support those who had fought in the Great War - at times against insurmountable odds – and who were now dealing with significant physical and mental injuries

Keen to consign the Great War to the past and resume normal life, an exhausted and nearly bankrupt Australia started 1919 with a sense of hope. But for our soldiers the trauma continued and transitioning back into society was an incredibly difficult task. For many, the aftermath of the war continued throughout the Great Depression and the rest of their lives.

100 years later, Soldier On is working to make sure the futures of our contemporary Australian veterans and their families are secured. By providing a range of mental health and wellbeing, employment and transition, education and training services, as well as a range of programs and activities focused on building social connectivity, Soldier On is ensuring that our veterans and their families are supported long after they take their uniforms off.

“Soldier On knows what has to be done. We’ve proven that our programs are comprehensive and unique and that they change lives. The challenge now is to expand our services into the parts of regional Australia where many veterans are based but find themselves without support. This ANZAC Day we’re asking Australians to give for our contemporary veterans and their families, in honour of those for whom the Great War never ended” - Soldier On CEO Mat Jones.

With funds raised 'In Their Honour', Soldier On intends to expand its services into more regional areas of Australia including (but not limited to): country Victoria, Northern NSW, the Northern Territory, and Tasmania, to support more service families. With your help, we can make it happen.